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Right Turn, Cyclist And Pedestrian Signals by Gensdelarocide Right Turn, Cyclist And Pedestrian Signals by Gensdelarocide
Does it suck when people on bike get in collision with cars? Well I was thinking about using traffic lights for bicycles but also ensuring the cyclists' safety by having the traffic lights for vehicles adapted for the situation. How should it be achieved? Well look into the diagram.

Obviously, traffic engineers would want the cars, motorcycles and trucks who have the intention to make a right turn to give way to bicycles when these cyclists receive the green bike signal. A flashing yellow right turn arrow that accompany a green straight arrow or a green ball could be effective. A flashing yellow arrow would mean that drivers have to yield to other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians before turning (unfortunately, flashing yellow arrows aren't used in Canada nor in the state of Pennsylvania). A display of a green straight arrow but no right turn arrows could also be used. This kind of display would also allow drivers who want to go straight to do so but still require those who want to turn right to let pedestrians and cyclists pass before turning, and once the red bicycle sign (or the sign of a black bike with a red background) shows up, the green right turn arrow would appear, allowing the motorists to turn right while cyclists have to stop.

Man! A traffic engineer would be one of the kinds of jobs I'd like to get. I wish I had the power to implement traffic rules.
Mudimush Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
Note that left turns from the oncoming direction would not be allowed to be made across traffic with a straight-ahead green arrow.

If the green arrow were replaced with a circular green, the right turn green arrow during the yellow clearance would cause second yellow trap (Google it).

Note that the sharrow (the double chevron) is allowed only where bicycles and motor vehicles are sharing the same lane. A different symbol is used where bicycles have an exclusive lane.
Gensdelarocide Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
You know what, I've learned about the second yellow trap so I think I could modify this a little.
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September 1, 2013
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